Almost Up!

Yeah! I got everything to work on an external server as well, as you can see from the URL. Phew, so many things I had to do all over again and half of the time I was clueless. The biggest hurdle was the picture gallery on the sidebar. The practice was quite different from the theory, but now I am ready to launch the site.

I still have most pages with information on the knitting course set on invisible. Those I saved for a real launch to which I will attach a celebratory moment including a bite and beverage.

In the meantime I also worked on advertizing the site apart from facebook. This will be my business card / flyer:

flyer breien in oost

Ordered with that company that also advertizes on TV: “250 business cards for € 3.98!”. Right! Then the mailing costs another € 7.- and if you upload your own image the price doubles as well. You can see how I messed the picture up a at the bottom, because I didn’t get the dimensions right, but I figured no one would notice once they are printed at that small size of business cards.

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