Knitting for Groningen

Knitting for Groningen

Het kleinste huisje

We are going to help Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands) to wrap the smallest house of Groningen in a knitted blanket. Together we will knit a warm blanket for Groningen to show our solidarity with the people living in the earthquake area. In this creative way we are showing that we need to isolate our houses much better, so that we don’t need anymore gas from Groningen. The exploitation of gas leads to many problems: it contributes to climate change and causes earthquakes in Groningen, damaging houses and turning lives upside down. Whereas having a safe home is a right everyone should have. Support the Groningers and knit along!

We need your help! Come to our knitting cafe on Sunday 18 December!

Breien voor Groningen

We can all send in a knitted square to create a blanket. You can join our knitting cafe in the North of Amsterdam and (learn how to) knit together. I will take the pieces to Groningen. You are free to choose any size but your piece should be a square or rectangle so that it is easy to make it into a large blanket. We recommend that you use some leftover yarn for this. Those who don’t have any can get some of mine. Exchange experiences while enjoying a drink and some snacks and meanwhile (learn to) knit for a good cause.

Date:       18 december

Time:      15.00 – 17.00 uur

Place:      Adelaarsweg 92-hs

Please register here.

Maximum number of participants: 10 persons.