Knitting in Amsterdam Noord

Do you want to learn how to knit?

Knitting is hip again! Wool and knitting stores are popping up across Amsterdam. Norwegian designers are creating home-knitted christmas decorations, knitting artists are wrapping lamp-posts in colorful knitted fabrics, Throughout the country knitting cafes are abounding and on the internet you can literally get lost in knitting blogs.


Knitting in primary school of traveller's campKnitting is okay! You can make your own clothing without involving underpaid textile workers locked in factories that are a fire hazard. It is sustainable due to the quality of self-made clothes, which is far superior to the  stuff you buy at shops like H&M for a few Euros. Knitting yarn can be re-used, you can make fun things out of leftovers. And if you use natural materials from an ecological source you can’t get any greener!

About the knitting teacher

If you wait long enough everything becomes fashionable again as knitting has done recently. I happen to be old enough to have received solid knitting classes, following the tried& tested methodology of “Useful Handicrafts”. There was nothing fashionable about this book, even though we are talking about the sixties and seventies here! We went from egg-warmer (!) to doll-swing and from pencil case to baby socks.

Nevertheless these classes left me with a passion for knitting and crocheting and I ended up creating a variety of imaginative garments throughout the seventies, including complete dresses. It is really great to see this renewed interest in needlework and I would love to transfer my knowledge and experience to a new generation! You can find more information about the course here.

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