Treasures from my Mother’s Attic – the 40-s

This knitting magazine is not dated, but from the Editor’s note – signed by “Your faithful friend Margriet” – it becomes clear that this pattern book was published during World War II:
“..I am one of you. One of the many Dutch houswives who struggle each day with sorrowful little sorrows and hard little hardships. One who counts her food stamps and who cannot make do with her tea rations, and who tries to cut down on butter and watches her distribution points! But who forgets all her troubles when she dives into her needlework basket and joyfully anticipates how nice her little girl’s dress will be…”
margriet revue-cover
The choice of models struck me as accommodating the occupying forces, given the ample presence of German-Austrian inspired patterns. Like the one on the cover above. And also the Tyrolean jacket “Steffi” (for non-knitting readers: it is crochet) and the dress for “Lientje”, both here below .
Tyrolean Jacket Steffi    margriet revue-lientje en mientje
Throughout the magazine there are references to shortages, of wool among other things. There’s also a page with instructions on how to make your own sandals with wooden triplex soles and heels. Just put the wooden soles for two minutes in boiling water and you can shape it in the right form. The back cover encourages readers – “Really Miep, big Margriet is just as outstanding as Margriet Revue” – to subscribe to the weekly magazine, so that she can read the wholesome recipes that will take care that her children will not suffer from nutrition shortages.
margriet revue-heus miep
And the last picture for now: Little Sun Bathing Suits. To remind ourselves of the days when not every piece of garment was stretchy lycra crap. In many cases that style of the past was way more flattering than today’s fashion, except of course when you had to swim in it!
margriet revue-zonnebadpakjes